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Our Sweet Adventure

At Moore Tasty Bits, we craft specialty freeze-dried candies that our customers crave!


People always ask us how we came up with this idea of making freeze-dried candy. The answer is simple. During covid, we took a trip to Utah to hike The Narrows and Bryce Canyon. While preparing for the day hike we decided to stop into a grocery store for snacks and water. On an end cap we saw bright and flashy packaging that caught our eye. As we walked over, the label read Freeze Dried Skittles in large bright colorful print. We had no clue what it was and thought why not buy them to try. After doing research on what freeze drying was we decided we could do it ourselves.


Fast forward a year and as one business closed due to covid we decided to open another. What started in 2021 as an idea to make and sell freeze dried candy turned into a successful business 13 months later. We now have a website, multiple machines and over 10 varieties of delicious mind blowing candy options as well as delivery and shipping. If we had to describe our products in one word; it would be weird. Thanks to our customers for the one word description it's how we describe it which leaves people wondering and wanting to try more!


Today, we are proud to delight customers across the United States by offering our candies through our website! Order today and experience the wonder of pure freeze-dried bliss packed in a bag!

We can't wait to share our tasty bits with you!

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